There Are Other Worlds

The Dow Jones index falls one thousand and twenty

While the FTSE One Hundred plummets

The bluetit feeds her nestlings a hundred times a day.


Brexit turgidly ebbs and flows, Boris scurries abroad

Up skirt picture scandals make front page news

The bluetit mother makes silent journeys to and fro’


Radical returnees from ISIS fields slip back to the mother land

In the still air a foxglove bell falls silently to earth

Clusters of grubs droop either side the bluetit’s bill


The mother bird feeds her fledglings for the last time

Her mission for the year accomplished without fanfare,

Sends them off to fend for themselves in their world


In the House politicians huff and puff to no effect

Bills go back and forth the House of Lords

The blue tit looks around for her mate.

Harry Wells

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